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Mental Health &Wellbeing Support 

I specialise in using a counselling and strength-based approach to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of people who participate in the pressurised and stressful world of sport and esports. Below are some of the mental health challenges I support:

  • General life stress (e.g., stress from outside of your sport like family issues).

  • Settling into a new team (e.g., building relationships in a new environment).

  • Difficult relationships (e.g., Not feeling understood by teammates/coaches).

  • Lacking a sense of direction in your life (e.g., feeling like your career lacks purpose).

  • Anxiety or depressive mood (e.g,. struggling to feel comfortable in your sport).

  • Low motivation or engagement in your sport (e.g., feeling disinterested in competing).

  • Lack of fulfillment in your sport (e.g., feeling underachieved).

  • Navigating major career changes (e.g., coping with injury or considering retirement).

  • Organisational stress (e.g., overly stressful work environments).

  • Burnout (e.g., feeling mentally exhausted from competing).

  • Difficult team culture (e.g., Lack of togetherness between staff and players).

  • Focusing too much on weaknesses (e.g., loosing confidence because of undervaluing yourself).

  • Struggling to make a big decision (e.g., to leave a club or relationship).

Strength-Based Psychology 

I use a strength-based approach to boost people's mental health which you can understand more about in this video.

Learning Style 

People benefit more from sport psychology support when the psychologist's learning style suits them. Please watch this video to understand my learning style better.


My character strengths are my best ways to help people. Please watch this video to understand more about my character strength and how it influences my work. 

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