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Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing In Sport  

Competing in sport can be stressful at the best of times, so imagine how difficult this can be when you don't feel great, perhaps because of a dip in motivation, a loss of form, or because personal issues outside of your sport has made life harder.


Sportspeople's mental health and wellbeing is crucial in protecting them from the stress of sport but is often sacrificed due the pressure and stress associated with performance. Unfortunately, without putting in steps to protect their mental health over time, sports people feels less and less fulfilled in their sport, fall out love with it, and find it much harder to reach their potential.

If what I have said resonates with you, then you are part of the majority of athletes, coaches, parents and support staff which understands the secret to have a fulfilling and thriving career in sport requires finding out how to achieve and protect high levels of mental health and wellbeing. Trained in a counselling and strength-based approach and with over five years of experience across multiple elite environments and different sports, I have helped hundreds of sportspeople achieve excellent levels of mental health and wellbeing so they can get back to being the best version of themselves inside and outside their sport.

Supporting Performance In Sport 

Whilst improved mental health and wellbeing can improve your performance levels, especially in the long-term, if you believe the mental challenge you have is a specific performance issue (e.g., coping with competition nerves), then I encourage you to reach out to Callum Abbott, another experienced Sport Psychologist working in sport, who specialises in mental skills for performance enhancement. You can find Callum's website here: Abbott Sport Psychology | Psychology and Performance

In this video I talk about how sport psychology can help athletes.

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In this video I talk about how sport psychology can help coaches.


In this video I talk about how sport psychology can help sport teams.



In this video I talk about how sport psychology can help parents in sport.

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